Population Reference Bureau (PRB), supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through the Empowering Evidence-Driven Advocacy project, has created the Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub to provide assistance to family planning (FP) advocates in Africa and Asia. The FP Advocacy Resource Hub helps advocacy partners meet needs for tailored, impactful communication products in a timely manner. Our products are not “off the shelf”—each is customized for the user, the local advocacy initiative, and the targeted audiences.

​This site highlights FP Advocacy Resource Hub projects completed to date. Most reflect our deep experience in FP and related issues; a few address other policy issues but their approaches can readily translate to FP work. Analysis and synthesis of data and research are at the core of PRB’s technical work on FP/RH issues such as unmet need, the demographic dividend, early marriage, and the relationship between FP use and gender-based violence.

​We focus on evidence-based content, delivered in compelling formats, that makes data and information accessible to both expert and generalist audiences. The PRB advantage: having both creative and subject matter experts in house. We are fully engaged in the issues that our clients and partners want to address.