The Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub was created by Population Reference Bureau (PRB) through the Empowering Evidence-Driven Advocacy project. Through the Resource Hub, PRB assists family planning advocacy partners in Africa and Asia in meeting their needs for tailored, effective communications products in a timely manner. Each of our products is customized for the user, the local advocacy initiative, and the targeted audiences.

Products Created Through Partnerships


PRB Expertise, Put to Work for You

Resource Hub products reflect our deep experience inspiring policymakers to strengthen their commitments to family planning and related issues. Analysis and synthesis of data and research are at the core of PRB’s technical work on family planning and reproductive health issues.

Through the Resource Hub, we deliver evidence-based content in compelling formats that make data and information accessible to expert and generalist audiences alike.

Resource Hub Products Help Advocates Get Results

When the Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub teams with family planning advocacy partners in Africa and Asia, the resulting products help drive partner organizations’ success and meet advocacy objectives.

With the support of a Resource Hub fact sheet and video on the need for increased family planning funding in Kenyan counties, DSW Kenya succeeded in its advocacy objective of ensuring county health budgets include funds earmarked for family planning. The win occurred when DSW advocates and others convinced the Nyandarua County’s health department to set aside funds in their annual workplan for family planning sensitization and staff training on youth-friendly services.

In Jharkhand State, Jhpiego India’s advocacy efforts were bolstered by a Resource Hub video and fact sheet, which helped convince state policymakers to develop an adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health strategy document.

In teaming with The Forum for Family Planning and Development (the Forum) in the Philippines, PRB created a short video, a fact sheet, four infographics, and a series of billboard videos to address decisionmakers’ myths and misconceptions about family planning. The Forum used the products to advance their advocacy goals. On April 25, 2018, they held a policy “writeshop” with local legislators, where they screened the short video and distributed the infographics. The Forum reported to PRB that during this meeting, participating elected officials expressed gratitude that the products clarified misconceptions about family planning methods. During the event, policymakers also used the information they learned about specific family planning methods and their appropriateness for different populations (such as youth) to draft ordinances in support of reproductive health.

What Our Advocacy Partners Say

Working with PRB has given us immense clarity on the three main points of developing an advocacy collateral—the audience, why, and how.</p> <p>

— Dr. Sanchika Gupta, Program Officer, Jhpiego India

The partnership with PRB has improved the technical capacity of Faith to Action Network’s staff to develop and use policy briefs in its advocacy communications.</p> <p>

—Peter Munene, Executive Director, Faith to Action Network

What Can We Do to Support You?

As advocacy organizations reach out to a range of decisionmakers to achieve their family planning goals, they need diversified communication messages and tools to address their different audiences’ priorities.

Evidence-Based Communication Products Tailored to Your Needs

PRB teams with family planning advocacy partners in Africa and Asia to co-create customized, impactful communications materials that propel their advocacy efforts. We customize products based on partners’ advocacy needs, goals, and existing capacity for end results that help to achieve quick wins.

We focus on evidence-based content delivered in a timely manner and in compelling formats that make data and information accessible to both expert and generalist audiences.

Explore samples of our work.

The PRB Advantage

When you partner with us through the Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub, you obtain the advantage of having both creative and subject matter experts in house at PRB. Our staff are fully engaged in the issues that our partners want to address.

How to Request Resource Hub Support

PRB accepts applications biannually from partners interested in Resource Hub support. Interested organizations must be based in a low or lower-middle income country and have an established record of family planning advocacy or policy work and outcomes. Materials can be produced in languages other than English on a case-by-case basis.